• Community

    For Jamaal and his family, it’s always been community first.  Jamaal’s family taught him that we can only get out of our communities what we put into it.

    Too often, our community doesn’t get its fair share. One of Jamaal’s top priorities has been bringing a community center to our district that all ages can enjoy. 

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  • Education & Youth

    Jamaal is a proud public school graduate: an alumnus of PS 83 in Morris Park, MS 181 in Co-Op City, Bronx High School of Science, the University at Albany and CUNY School of Law. He knows firsthand that good public schools—pre-K through college—lead to a better future.

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  • Seniors

    Jamaal is already fighting for seniors in our community. In the State Senate, Jamaal will keep fighting for seniors by defending funding of senior centers, creating more dedicated spaces for seniors to gather and protecting meals-on-wheels and other essential programs.

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  • Jobs

     We don’t just need more jobs—we need better jobs: career-track jobs. A good job with good benefits can change the life of an individual and their entire family and a fair economy with real opportunities for anyone to succeed can change our communities and our nation. 

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  • Justice

    Jamaal wants to be a leader in redefining the role government plays in our lives: making it more efficient, compassionate and innovative. Government cannot solve all problems, but it can play a key role in changing our community. And while there is much more to that than changing our justice system, changing our justice system is a critical place to start. 

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